Fernbank CDP includes 11 sites for schools

A question came up on Facebook today about land reserved for schools in the Fernbank area.  Here’s a quick summary.

  • The Fernbank Community Design Plan (CDP) includes 42 hectares for schools. That’s 6% of the total land available.
  • By my count, the map below shows three high schools (marked as “SS”) and eight elementary schools (“ES”).  Eight of those schools are on Cope Road alone.
  • Not all the land set aside for schools will end up having schools.  There’s a time limit for when the schools have to exercise their option to build. (“School sites shall be zoned for both institutional and residential use in order that, in the event that no School Board acquires a school site established in a Plan of Subdivision, the lands shall be developed for residential land uses.”)
  • You can read more about the CDP here…
Fernbank Community Design Plan Map
Fernbank Community Design Plan Map

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