Find the Paw-fect companion with OPL’s Pet Program Series: Dog Edition!

During the pandemic, many people are adopting pets. However even before adopting, you may struggle to identify legitimate sellers versus scammers. Adopting a pet also comes with the responsibility of caring for them and training them. How do you gain access to a pet trainer during lockdowns? Where do you go for resources and events about purchasing a pet?  

The Ottawa Public Library is partnering with The Ruff House to offer an online series of guides, demonstrations, tips, and resources to help inform soon-to-be pet owners of the ins and outs of pet adoption and pet ownership. OPL’s Pet Series will introduce you to the caring and expertise of Jonathan Sumner, owner of Ruff House and dog enthusiast and advocate. Jonathan will present sessions to start you off on the right path in this simply beautiful but not necessarily simple experience of bringing a dog into your life: 

May 12, 7 pm: You adopted a new pet? Congratulations. Now what?. This session will touch on themes like grooming (ear care, nail clipping, washing, brushing, etc.), vet visits and shots (neutering, dental care, worms, ticks, microchipping, etc.), food and diets, socializing the dog, and more. 

May 19, 7 pm: Training Fundamentals. This session covers training in the COVID-age: what to expect when registering for training, specific behavioral corrections (barking, separation anxiety, etc.), and more. 

May 21, 4:30 pm: Hands-on Tricks and Tips. This session has been created for the whole family! Learn hands-on tricks and tips for families with young children. You will see examples of how to groom and handle a dog, teach fun games, and more. This will be a practice and teaching space and will look a lot like a training class through Zoom! 

So, register to join in on the fun and get the real scoop on dog care! We look forward to assisting you through your pet purchasing plan and doggy training. 


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