“Finding Holly” trail cam damaged… and the culprits are caught on camera

Image from the Finding Holly Trail Cam

UPDATE – JULY 14: Volunteer Lisa Gallant tells StittsvilleCentral.ca that as of this afternoon, volunteers believe that they’ve identified three of the four people in the photos, thanks to tips from social media. It’s still unclear if charges can or will be laid.

“We would like to see restitution for the cam as well as some labour,” she says, such as clean up services or providing help to an animal rescue organization.



Posted today to the Finding Holly Facebook page:

We have a couple of trail cams up in different locations hoping to get a glimpse of the elusive Holly. One of those cams was located on private property belonging to Sunset Farms. They have graciously allowed us to place the cam there, leave a food cage, and periodically check it.

On arriving today, the cam was broken from it’s tether and laying on the ground. The food cage had been kicked aside, opened and the food dishes thrown a few feet away.

I checked the pictures this evening and discovered two pics of a group of young people approx. 40 feet from the cam. The next few pics show two of these boys directly in front of the cam. The last two pictures are of one of the boys mooning the cam and/or defecating. This occurred on July 6th at 6:40pm.

I am posting some of these pictures in the hopes they can be identified. If you know who any of these people are, please let me know.

A group of community volunteers have been searching for Holly the lost Goldendoodle since she went missing last December on a walk along the Trans Canada Trail.

This trail cam is located at Sunset Farms, just west of Kittwake along the hydro line, on private property.  The photos and post have been shared widely on local Facebook groups, generating a ton of comments and shares.

“Enough is enough – there’s been too much vandalism and too many thefts in Stittsville lately. It’s time to take action,” wrote a commenter on Facebook.

“They knew their pic would be taken. They posed in front of the camera!! And didn’t steal the camera so….the consequences they asked for will happen,” wrote another.

Volunteers plan to share the photos with police on Tuesday. You can check out the Finding Holly Facebook page for more photos and info.

As for the ongoing search for Holly, there’s not much to report.  Here’s a recent post to the group’s Facebook page:

There are a few different areas where we believe she is either hunkered down for the time being or traveling back and forth between these areas. Either way, she would have access to food, shelter and water so she may not have a need to show her silly face to humans right now. This doesn’t mean that we should stop looking out for her on nearby roadways and sidewalks. She could appear at anytime in a variety of locations. It’s also helpful if people in the area keep posters on hand to distribute to anyone they run into who is not familiar with Holly and the search.

Image from the Finding Holly Trail Cam
Image from the Finding Holly Trail Cam

6 thoughts on ““Finding Holly” trail cam damaged… and the culprits are caught on camera”

  1. I’d like to clarify that these people are trespassing on private property. Sunset Farms does not have walking trails, they are riding trails and are not for public use at all.

    1. Thank You Lesley for reminding dog walkers and other athletes that Sunset Farms is NOT open to the Public. It is a privately owned Farm that has been active for over 53 years. Although the Power Line runs through the Property, even Ottawa Hydro asks permission when they need access.

      Grits McMullen

  2. This is what happens when there aren’t enough activities for older kids in Stittsville – they get bored and goof off.

  3. I find that the youths of Stittsville have been particularly rebellious this year. It seems that every other day I see a group of teenagers up to suspect activity on any number of the secluded trails in Jackson Trails. I hope that these rabble rousers face justice!

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