First-hand account from last night’s school board meeting re: Munster Elementary

Editor’s note: Laura Rupert is a parent of two kids in Munster who supports keeping Munster Elementary School to stay open.  She was at a school board meeting last night and sent us this account of what happened from her perspective.

At last night’s meeting, Munster supporters had many speakers telling the Board of Trustees that the information they have is not a complete study and that their projected numbers are not accurate.  It was also comforting to hear the questions raised by many trustees who shared the same concerns and questions we all have.

Trustee Seward was concerned, firstly, about the overwhelming response from parents about past issues and has requested that an in-camera delegation discussing the many concerns parents have had over the years and why they were not brought to light.  Due to the mass loads of emails the trustees received on these issues, it became evident that those issues needed to be examined.
It was also great to hear that Trustee Fisher saw a future issue with closing our school and then having to re-open it, due to population growth in neighbouring Richmond.  Without a secure plot of land to build another school in Richmond, it raises a concern that eventually, kids are inevitable going to have to come back to Munster.  And is this shuffle really worth it and looking out for the best interest of the children?
Hearing that trustees like Schwartz and Braunovan understand rural living was also great to hear.  They understand the value in living and schooling in a rural community and a school closure’s impact on a community.
The bottom line is that the study is not complete. Is it worth the risk to close a great school and uprooting 50+ kids based on incomplete information?
As Trustee Scott pointed out, if the numbers are there and it can work, we can move forward.  Our role now in this fight is to prove that the numbers and demand for EFI is there.

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  1. If it would be acceptable to bus children from Munster to other schools, why would it not be acceptable to bus children into Munster from schools that have portables?

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