FOR THE RECORD: Not enough room for a roundabout at Huntmar & Maple Grove

EDITOR’S NOTE: Several readers have asked us why the City of Ottawa didn’t install a roundabout at the intersection of Huntmar and Maple Grove.  We asked councillor Shad Qadri to clarify, and here’s his response:

The intersection of Huntmar Drive at Maple Grove Road met 100% of the warrants for the installation of a traffic control signal.  City Council directed staff to consider a roundabout as one of the possible alternative traffic control measures at newly warranted intersections. As such, a roundabout feasibility screening tool was conducted at this intersection.  One of the criteria to consider for a single lane roundabout is that it requires at least 44 metres diameter of property at the intersection.

As a result of the development of three of the four quadrants (NW, SW and SE) of this intersection, it was not possible to meet this threshold as the diagonal between the southeast and northwest corners is below this number.  The City would have to purchase property and potentially demolish some homes to construct  the roundabout, which is not feasible to do at this location.  Therefore, the decision was made to move forward with the installation of the traffic control signal.

(Another question might be: “Why wasn’t a roundabout included in the plans for the Fairwinds neighbourhood in the first place?”  But I don’t expect we’ll get an answer to that any time soon from city staff.)


6 thoughts on “FOR THE RECORD: Not enough room for a roundabout at Huntmar & Maple Grove”

  1. Although that is a disappointment, it is good to see an intelligent thorough answer.
    I’m starting to see more and more roundabouts in places. They’re much less aggravating than traffic lights. You never feel like an idiot just standing there. And you never have to see rude people not stopping for stop signs, which is a problem that is getting increasingly worse. I see people happily driving right through these days, barely even slowing down now, especially in rural places! I’m not for police-state like nasty traps and we don’t see those in Ontario much, but I’m starting to think that the stop sign runners have been pushing things a bit too far lately. With roundabouts that problem goes away.

  2. I should have checked the 2006 Kanata West Transportation Plan before I said that the City didn’t do roundabouts then. The TMP planned the 1 which was built

  3. You would have though they could have put in a mini-roundabout. They allow bigger vehicles (buses) to drive over them; at least that’s what they do in the UK. The intersection would just have to be well signed. Also, when snow comes people act as if there is a four way stop.

    My main concern is that the right turn lane from Huntmar southern side of the intersection is extremely dangerous and a cyclist is likely going to get run over at some point because they needed to put in a bicycle lane…

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