For the record, Shad Qadri lives in Stittsville

I’ve seen a few posts on social media asking whether or not Shad Qadri lives in Stittsville.  I sent him an email on Saturday and asked him to set the record straight.

Here’s his response:

Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.
My  family and I live in Stittsville.

Shad Qadri

From his election web site:

  • Shad Qadri and wife Theresa owned Showbiz Entertainment and Gifts on Stittsville Main Street for 14 years until 2007.
  • He was one of the founders of the Stittsville Village Association.
  • He helped establish the Rotary Club of Ottawa-Goulbourn in 2004.
Shad and Theresa Qadri
Shad and Theresa Qadri, from Qadri’s election web site.



5 thoughts on “For the record, Shad Qadri lives in Stittsville”

  1. Well while your getting the record straight how about Stittsville Central ask him what happened to the beavers in Paul Lindsay Park?

      1. No I’m not gonna get over it, and it’s funny how the Mayor and a Councillor of Canada’s Capital City allowed city workers to club to death Canada’s National Emblem (Which happens to be the beaver) on Canada Day weekend.

        Some Canadians they are, they won’t be getting my vote!

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