Free ‘luxury’ shuttle bus starts August 31 for Blackstone, Fernbank Crossing residents

UPDATE (Sept 11): asked OC Transpo what route buses would take once OC Transpo starts serving the Blackstone community.  Here’s an email response attributed to Pat Scrimgeour, AGM, Customer Systems and Planning:

“OC Transpo’s goal is to provide safe, accessible and customer-focused transit that is responsive to the growing needs of the Ottawa community. The Blackstone community will be served by transit operating along the collector road network, using Robert Grant Way, Fernbank Rd, Rouncey Rd and Terry Fox Dr. These streets are being constructed by the developer as part of their community design plan. OC Transpo buses typically do not travel along local streets.”


The Blackstone shuttle bus hits the road on August 31, a joint undertaking by Monarch, Regional and Cardel, the developers of the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities.

Shad Qadri provided an update in his email newsletter this week:

Residents and guests in the Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing communities will have access to a free Community Shuttle, provided by area home builders. This is a unique arrangement has been planned in co-operation with OC Transpo, as the City of Ottawa has developed policies to encourage transit use as early as possible in new, developing communities.

What is the shuttle service?
Beginning on August 31st, 2015 and lasting for a period of no less than one full year, a free luxury mid-size bus will be provided for shuttle service to and from the Terry Fox transit station at the Kanata Centrum.

The Community Shuttle service will operate Monday to Friday every 30 minutes between the hours of: 6:00 – 9:00 AM and 4:00 – 7:00 PM. Service will begin at the Blackstone entrance, pick up at 6:00 AM. Please note that the service will not run during statutory holidays.

Where does the shuttle run?
During the morning, the Community Shuttle will start at Westphalian Avenue and Rouncy Road, travel via Terry Fox Drive, turn right on Fernbank Road, then right on Robert Grant Avenue. Pick up will be at Bobolink Drive and Robert Grant Avenue, and the shuttle will continue via Iber Road to Terry Fox Station. During the afternoon, the same routing will be used.

Community Shuttle bus stops will be located at:
– Bobolink Drive / Robert Grant Avenue
– Rouncey/Westphalian Avenue
– Terry Fox Transit Station


There will be one slight adjustment to the route in the coming months as a section of Cope Road is completed in the Fernbank Crossing community.

Please note the route has changed since it was advertised earlier this year in my community column. The original route had included streets that were not designated as transit routes and it is important to ensure that the shuttle use streets designated for transit use.

We originally reported on this back in February, when transit officials told that the shuttle service would begin by June. Currently residents have to walk nearly two kilometres to reach the nearest OC Transpo bus stop.


2 thoughts on “Free ‘luxury’ shuttle bus starts August 31 for Blackstone, Fernbank Crossing residents”

  1. Hi,
    About the fernbank/stsv shuttle bus,
    Is there any accurate timetable of bus with respect to the stops…please..?
    30 min. wait is too long..u know…it would help if we have the schedule like OCTranspo

  2. Terry Fox Transit station is large. Where specifcally do I get the Blackstone shuttle bus at Terry Fox – i.e. 4C, 2A, etc.. My daughter waited and waited and waited one afternoon at Terry Fox transit station between your advertised times and didn’t see a shuttle bus plus wasn’t sure where to get it. I drove there and pounded the pavement and didn’t see a sign indicating where the shuttle would be. Please give specific details on location please. She doesn’t take the shuttle from Blackstone otherwise she would probably know – she only needs a drive from Terry Fox Station to Blackstone. Also, what time does is it there and what time does it leave? I know; long comment.

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