From 1820 to present: timely historical presentation on the electoral Carleton district – Goulbourn Township Historical Society

(L to R, Colonel George Thew Burke – aka Shaun Peppy and the Duke of Richmond – aka Robin Derrick)

Shaun Peppy, Richmond resident and Vice-President of the Goulbourn Township Historical Society (GTHS), will be focusing on the political history of Carleton County and some of its more interesting candidates, representatives and elections over the years at the GTHS October Speaker’s Program.

Shaun Peppy has degrees in Political Science and has worked much of his career in parliamentary affairs. Shaun can also be seen at local events in authentic costume as his alter-ego Colonel George Thew Burke (Carleton County’s 2nd elected representative from 1821-1828).

Shaun’s talk on Politics in Carleton is quite timely in light of Canada’s election taking place on October 21st. Shaun will cover the political climate in Carleton from 1820 to the present. He will reveal who some of the candidates were and what they had to offer. Some were quite colourful and some effected important changes within the District. With our federal election so close, it should be interesting to hear how our past has informed our present.

Carleton County is bounded on the north by the Ottawa River, north-east by the county of Russell, south-east by the county of Dundas and the Rideau River, and on the south-west by the County of Lanark.

Map of Carleton County

The electoral district of Carleton has played a fascinating and important part in the political history of Canada for over 200 years. Carleton County has had its own seat in the elected legislatures of Canada since 1820, following the establishment of the first settlements in the area. Carleton was host to many colourful candidates, several of whom are very important and well known in Canadian history. Like any federal election, there have been times when the issues debated were of a very local nature and others when Carleton was swept up in the national issues of the day

Join Shaun for this presentation on Saturday, October 19, at 1:30 pm, at the Richmond Legion, 6430 Ottawa Street, West. This event is free and open to everyone. There is plenty of parking and free refreshments.


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