Further hand sanitizers recalled for using industrial-grade ethanol

Health Canada has recalled three hand sanitizers that have used industrial-grade ethanol not authorized for use in Canadian hand sanitizers. The three recalled products come under the names: Gel Antiseptique Pour Les Mains, Germzero, and Tekare Instant Hand Cleanser.

Several hand sanitizers were listed in an earlier June recall. Health Canada added these three new products to their recall list on June 22nd.

In the Department’s release they stated, “Health Canada is advising Canadians that certain hand sanitizers are being recalled from the market because they contain industrial-grade ethanol that has not been authorized for use in hand sanitizers in Canada. Industrial-grade ethanol contains impurities that are not found in the type of ethanol approved for use in manufacturing hand sanitizers, such as technical-grade, food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade ethanol. In addition, chemicals that may not be approved for use in hand sanitizers are added to industrial-grade ethanol. Since industrial-grade ethanol has not been approved for use in hand sanitizers in Canada, the Department has not reviewed it for safety or efficacy. Frequent use of these products may result in dry skin, causing irritation or cracking.”

If you have purchased any of the products, Health Canada has advised to stop using these products. Please follow municipal or regional guidelines on how to dispose of chemicals and other hazardous waste. You may also return the product to your local pharmacy for proper disposal.

Consult your healthcare professional if you have used any of these products and have health concerns. Report any health product adverse events or complaints to Health Canada.

To read the full list of recalled hand sanitizers visit Health Canada.


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