Gaia Java celebrates St. Patrick’s day a little early with the Dooley Family

Kevin Dooley
Kevin Dooley

OK, so we are a few days early, but it will get you in the mood for St Patrick’s day! Kevin Dooley is a great supporter of Gaelic music around Ottawa (indeed he was scheduled to perform for us last fall when he had to go back to Ireland on an urgent family matter, and we had a Ceilidh instead!) and you will often see him in Gaia Java on a Friday. He plays whistle, flute, sings and tells fascinating stories, and is joined by his daughter Deirdre Dooley who plans bodhran, djembe and lap snare, together with other percussion resources (floor tiles, bald heads etc). Kevin is the one with the beard! His wife Onagh makes sure he gets there and sends the emails!

He tells me that they will be performing a special concert of tunes, songs and stories, in English and in Gaelic (subtitled in French of course), however we won’t be serving green milk I am sorry to say. Generally our policy is to avoid selling anything green other than peppers and spinach (and the odd $20 bill, but they are not organic).

So come along wearing something emerald-coloured and prepared for an evening exploring your latent Irish roots – and having a good laugh!

Kevin and Deirdre Dooley play on Friday night at 7:00pm at Gaia Java on Stittsville Main Street.


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