GAIA JAVA: Michael Allen performs on March 11

Once again Michael steps in to entertain us at Gaia Java!  Michael Allen grew up in Ottawa and is currently helping part-time at a daycare while he is working on a parallel development of his passion for music. He is aiming towards the possibility of a career in music and clearly has a basis of talent needed to motivate that direction.

Michael describes his type of music as ‘folk/pop’ and with his guitar he delivers a variety of styles ranging from Beatles’ cover songs to James Taylor (Trivia detail: James Taylor’s first album on the Beatles’ Apple label was produced by Peter Asher, who was the brother of Paul McCartney’s girlfriend Jane Asher at that time!).

Michael also does versions of songs by artists such as Johnny Cash, Michael Buble, and harmony group ‘The Drifters’, (who popularised ‘Under The Boardwalk’). So you have a great excuse to come along and relax for an evening as you listen to Mike’s versatile and talented delivery. You could even check out John Curry’s review of one of his previous music nights, online at:

The music nights start at 7pm, and as usual there is no charge, but as usual we do have a ‘jar’ for donations to support the musicians, and we hope that you will buy a drink or two (and maybe one of the tasty new dessert options!)

See more details about upcoming events at where you can also see about tickets we are selling for concerts by local groups over the next few weeks.

Michael Allen plays Gaia Java on Friday, March 11 at 7:00pm.

-Paul Jay


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