Garden to Kitchen with Stittsville’s Garry Carter: educating on gardening

(Garry Carter of Stittsville moved from his garden into the kitchen to show how to deliciously prepare your homegrown potatoes using garlic and rosemary. Photo: From the Garry Carter video: Baked Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary.)

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of peak gardening season. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or new to gardening, Garry Carter of Stittsville has you covered when it comes to tips and tricks to exercise your green thumb. The “Garden to Kitchen w/Garry Carter” YouTube channel takes the time to educate on many of the ins and outs of backyard gardening. You can view Garry’s teaching videos here or follow his blog at this link.

(Garry’s son and grandson join him in collecting the many potatoes that successfully grew in 27-gallon barrels in Garry’s backyard.)

From “How to” videos to planting and growing tips to proudly showing off his harvest, Garry makes gardening fun. He explains the benefits and science behind his tricks as he goes. Garry’s passion is clear in his videos, and his unmistakable enthusiasm creates engaging content for all ages and experience levels. “It’s only a hobby,” Garry states, “it’s all about small gardens.”

(Garry explains how best to grow garlic in one video. Visible in the background are some garden components, the building processes of which are seen in other videos.)

Garry started “Garden to Kitchen w/Garry Carter” five years ago when he wanted to branch out from blogging. At first, he filmed videos on his iPhone until he started using a Canon as well. The editing process is one Garry enjoys. Today, he has a whopping 18,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. As he finds himself nearing 1.9 million views on his videos, Garry is hoping to hit 2 million views by the summer. He plans to have a party once he reaches this feat (COVID dependent, of course).

Since starting “Garden to Kitchen”, Garry’s backyard garden in Stittsville has grown with the addition of unique compost containers, garden beds, barrels, and various planters. The construction of these components has been documented in videos to show how easy and beneficial the projects can be.


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