Geek Squad Academy holds camp with grade 7 and 8’s at A. Lorne Cassidy

Best Buy Canada’s Geek Squad Academy program visited A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School (ALC) June 18th. During the ‘camp’, more than 110 students aged 11-14 (known as Junior Agents of the camp) participated in the school event. There were ‘academy geeks’ everywhere working with the kids.

Elizabeth Rainer, school Principal, and Anik Mackey, the lead teacher, were proud to tell us “that A. Lorne was one of 15 schools across Canada chosen to host the day”. Anik added, “she had applied on behalf of the school to Best Buy, so the students could discover new technology and apply it to their learning”. A robotics club already exists at the school in which many of the students take part.

While we were visiting the hands-on workshops, in particular at the digital citizenship camp, each child was asked to sign a waiver that contained some small print at the bottom. The small print read that the students would have to sing …I’m a little tea pot… — the kids were quick to point this out to their teacher, Anik, definitely practising what she has taught them — to always read the small print and beware of on-line safety. These kids are beyond their years in smartness!

Here are some photos of the kids from today’s ‘Geek Squad Academy’. The first group is the 3D Printing Camp; the second group is the Lego Robotics Camp; the third group is the Digital Citizenship Camp; and, the fourth group is the Digital Music camp —


The students learned everything from robotics, to digital music, 3D design, and digital citizenship in a way that encourages self-confidence, innovation, and creativity. Best Buy provides this program at no cost as part of our community investment outreach and were pleased to be able to host the event at ALC.

Brad Faulkner, a grade 7 and 8 teacher overseeing the digital music camp, told me “these are all grade 7 and 8 kids from both the French immersion and regular program at the school taking part in the learning sessions”. The music lab was certainly entertaining and loud.

Geek Squad Academy is a guided, hands-on learning program that partners Best Buy Geek Squad Agents with local schools across Canada to teach kids about the latest tech in a fun and interactive environment. Best Buy has been touring the program across Canada for 5 years.


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