Goldie Ghamari returns to Queen’s Park in Ford’s second majority election – two leaders step down

June 2, 2022 saw Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives win a second majority government in Ontario, that on the same night both the NDP and Liberal leaders, Andrea Horwath and Steven Del Duca, announced they would be resigning. Locally, Goldie Ghamari will again be returning to the Ontario Legislature representing the residents of Carleton.

At the Stittsville debate held on May 18th, questions dictating the mood of residents in attendance were posed on housing affordability; small businesses; Bill 124-Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019; development; and, the cost of living – being directed to all five candidates who participated – Tom Dawson (Liberal), Goldie Ghamari (Progressive Conservative), Kevin St. Denis (NDP), Rob Stocki (New Blue) and Cody Zulinski (Green). These issues were top-of-mind for residents and with the return of the P.C.’s to Queen’s Park, they can only wait and see if they will be addressed when Doug Ford forms his new government.

The dust is settling on the June 2nd provincial election with the political geography in Carleton remaining the same with the re-election of Goldie Ghamari being returned to Queen’s Park. Created in 1867, the riding was first held from 1867–1871 by Liberal Robert Lyon. It then turned ‘Tory’ from 1871-1919 and then Robert Grant of Stittsville held the seat under the United Farmers banner from 1919-1923. In 1923, the riding returned to ‘Blue’ again and Carleton continued to be a Progressive Conservative stronghold since 1923 until present.

Voter turnout was down in Carleton for the 2022 provincial election to 49.13% from a high of 62% in 2018 according to Elections Ontario data. Eligible registered voters totaled 94,264. The 2022 Elections Ontario results are as follows for 100% of Carleton polls reporting:

  • Goldie Ghamari – P.C. Party of Ontario – 22,295 Votes – 48.14% Vote Share
  • Tom Dawson – Ontario Liberal Party – 12,452 Votes – 26.89% Vote Share
  • Kevin St. Denis, Ontario NDP – 7,260 Votes – 15.68% Vote Share
  • Cody Zulinski – Green Party of Ontario – 2,537 Votes – 5.48% Vote Share
  • Rob Stocki – New Blue – 1,037 Votes – 2.24% Vote Share
  • Ethan Ferguson – Ontario Party – 494 Votes – 1.07% Vote Share
  • Chris Mark Beauchamp – None of the Above Direct Democracy Party – 235 Votes – 0.51% Vote Share

The 2022 province-wide results for the parties with seats in the Ontario Legislature are as follows as per Elections Ontario data:

  • Ontario Progressive Conservatives with 83 seats – 1,892,962 Votes – 40.88% Vote Share
  • Ontario New Democrats with 31 seats – 1,098,646 Votes – 23.73% Vote Share
  • Ontario Liberals with 8 seats – 1,100,339 Votes – 23.76% Vote Share
  • Ontario Greens with 1 seat – 276,704 Votes – 5.98% Vote Share
  • Independent with 1 seat – 25,306 Votes – 0.55% Vote Share

The NDP, Liberals and Greens had the popular vote, but lost again. With similar idea and platforms, these parties have four years and the opportunity to work together to figure out the vote split.

In his victory speech to the crowd of supporters Doug Ford shared, “Thank you for your trust and thank you for once again putting your confidence in me.” “It’s a responsibility that I will never take lightly. But most importantly, thank you for sharing in the vision for our great province.”



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