Goulbourn Historical Society welcomes author of Clara’s Rib

Goulbourn Township Historical Society Community Event
Saturday, April 16 at 1:30 p.m.
Stittsville Public Library – Meeting Room
Local Author Anne Raina relates the story of her connection to the Royal Ottawa Sanatorium by way of her book – Clara’s Rib

When you hear the words ‘The San’ what comes to your mind – a foreboding place full of people considered to be mad or a facility for those too ill or near death to return and participate in a productive society?

Clara's Rib by Anne Raina To learn more about our Ottawa San and Anne’s family connection, come and listen to her relate the story about which she has written a book – Clara’s Rib. The book tells the story of her sister Clara’s time in the Royal Ottawa Sanatorium (the San) for the treatment of Tuberculosis (TB) in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Anne and Clara’s father, as well as six other siblings spent many years in The San. Their father and two brothers eventually succumbed to the disease.

Anne tells Clara’s story, highlighting her years growing up in The San. Anne will reveal why one of Clara’s ribs was packed in her suitcase when she left The San for the last time.

Many of us remember The San which was located on Carling Avenue (now the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre site). It was an ominous place and people often thought that its high and daunting wrought iron gates were in place to allow no one in nor out – with the exception of those unfortunate enough to have contracted TB or were suffering from lunacy. Do you remember the TB tests in school when they “stapled” your arm?

Anne recently published two children’s books which indirectly give her a Goulbourn connection. The illustrator for these books is Julia Taylor of Munster. Anne will have copies of her three books for sale and will be happy to sign them and chat with you.

As is usual with our monthly programs – attendance, parking and refreshments are free. And don’t forget to invite your neighbours, friends and family to come along as everyone is always welcome.

(Lesley McKay is the Newsletter Editor for the Goulbourn Township Historical Society.)


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