Goulbourn Museum presents: the science behind the costume

You’ve probably seen people dressed up in period garb at living history museums or historical re-enactments – but what goes into making these costumes? As part of Goulbourn Museum’s 2021 Speaker Series, Loree Tannett will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the steps required for creating historical costumes, including the extensive research required, sewing individual clothing items, and putting together an outfit.

Loree Tannett is a Perth-based seamstress and costume designer. She enjoys merging the look of historical costuming with the comfort of modern clothing. She thinks that using costumes makes the museum experience more real and gives visitors a look into the lives of the people of the area highlighted in the museum.

This webinar takes place on Thursday, May 19 and starts promptly at 7:00 pm, using the Zoom platform. Register to discover the process required for creating period costumers on Eventbrite by Noon on May 19.

There will be a question and answer opportunity for the audience to learn more from Loree following her presentation.

Once registered, participants will receive an email confirmation. On the day of the event, Goulbourn Museum staff will be sending out an email invitation with the Zoom access details.

For any questions, please email register@goulbournmuseum.ca.


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