Goulbourn Museum to receive Heritage Day proclamation for 2022

(The Hambly family exhibit was the winning submission for the ‘My Family Is…’ exhibit contest held in 2020 by the Goulbourn Museum. Photo: Hambly family)

Heritage Day is a chance to recognize the contributions of the many dedicated staff and volunteers at the Goulbourn Museum promoting heritage conservation and educating the public about the history of the former Goulbourn Township and the towns within its borders. Gathering places like museums, and cultural objects such as artefacts and memorabilia are tangible touchstones with the past that can root us in place and nourish the spirit; and intangible heritage – such as traditions, storytelling and more – is at the heart of family and community. Goulbourn Museum has been sharing our local history during Covid with creative programs for families, engaging posts on their Facebook page and ingenious contests.

This year, Mayor Watson will recognize the importance of the theme Growing from our roots – our heritage and histories by offering the proclamation to the Goulbourn Museum.

Situated a stone’s throw from Stittsville at Stanley’s Corners, Goulbourn Museum shares stories of the former Goulbourn Township, including the history of Richmond – the oldest military settlement in Ottawa. While many families have been separated due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Museum has acted as a pillar of support and engagement for the community by developing ways to meaningfully connect with heritage and history.

Over the past year, the Museum has used genealogical research, artefacts, and settler experiences to develop reflective and engaging programs that encouraged community members to explore how the past has influenced the present day. The idea of growing from our roots is exemplified through initiatives such as Summer Seekers, the My Family Is… exhibit contest, and Transcribing Goulbourn.

On Tuesday, February 22 at 12:00pm, you can watch the Goulbourn Museum staff receive the proclamation from Mayor Watson on the joint City of Ottawa/Capital Heritage Connexion at ottawa.ca/heritageday virtual Heritage Day celebration.

To learn more about Goulbourn Museum and their initiatives, visit goulbournmuseum.ca.


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