Goulbourn Museum’s Kathryn Jamieson receives leadership award

Kathryn Jamieson, Goulbourn Museum’s Curator Manager

(via Goulbourn Museum)

Goulbourn Museum’s Curator Manager has won an Ontario Museum Association (OMA) award of excellence.

Kathryn Jamieson, Goulbourn Museum’s Curator Manager
Kathryn Jamieson

Kathryn Jamieson received the 2016 Promising Leadership Award of Excellence at the OMA Annual Conference in Mississauga on Thursday night. The OMA Award of Excellence in Community Engagement is presented to emerging professionals, of any position or institution, who have shown promising leadership within the museum community. An emerging professional is an individual within the first ten years of their professional career.

“The Awards of Excellence is our opportunity to recognize those institutions and individuals who exemplify their roles in the museum sector, reminding us of the impact museums have on their communities, and on Ontario as a province,” says Marie G. Lalonde, Executive Director of the Ontario Museum Association.

Former colleague, Laura Gibbs, a museum coordinator with the City of Toronto, says Ms. Jamieson has taken every leadership challenge and opportunity that has been presented to her with integrity, a willingness to learn, curiosity and tact.

“This is very well deserved,” says Goulbourn Museum Chairperson, Keith Hobbs, who expressed the Board of Directors’ congratulations to Kathryn Jamieson on receipt of the OMA award. “The museum and surrounding community are well served by her enthusiasm and proficiency.”

Ms. Jamieson has successfully taken on the challenge of transforming the museum into a community hub whose attendance has increased by over 180% in the four years that she has occupied this position. She plans to expand and develop the museum even further.

Ms. Jamieson is a member of the Ottawa Museum Network Board of Directors, on which she has been Treasurer, Vice-Chair, and Chairperson, and through which she is involved in multiple other committees. She is also the Co-Chair of the Ottawa Museum and Archives Collection Committee, and has recently begun teaching in the Applied Museum Studies program at Algonquin College. Ms. Jamieson is a leader in the Ontario museum community, dedicated to improving her museum at the community level, mentoring the next generation of heritage professionals, and advocating for museums and heritage to become a governmental priority.

Goulbourn Museum is a registered charity located in Stittsville. It tells the story of Ottawa’s oldest military settlement and offers interactive and hands-on exhibits. Its collection includes over 9,000 artefacts as well as a collection of over 40,000 artefacts from an archeological dig in Richmond.


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