Goulbourn Rec Centre open to residents who’ve lost power

Many of you have or are currently experiencing loss of power. Hydro Ottawa crews have been working around the clock to restore power to customers in multiple areas across the city. As of 7 a.m., the majority of customers have been restored with approximately 1,743 customers still out in pockets of the city. In many cases, the restoration efforts will be lengthy as crews need to deal with downed trees and obstacles on a house by house basis. Contractors will remain on task until full power is restored to the residents of Ottawa.

Heavy freezing rain on Sunday caused downed trees, powerlines and damaged hydro poles. More than 72,000 customers were out of power at the height of the storm, with more than 200 separate outages needing repair. Given the number of separate events and the extent of damage to electrical equipment, power restoration is expected to continue throughout the day and into the evening.

If you are without power, please call Hydro Ottawa’s Power Outage Reporting Line at 613-738-0188. Hydro Ottawa will continue to post information regarding these ongoing outages on our website, www.hydroottawa.com and on Twitter @hydroottawa. I along with Hydro Ottawa wish to thank you for your patience and understanding as restoration efforts are underway.

Residents who are without power and heat can come to the Goulbourn Recreation complex at 1500 Shea Road where you are welcome to grab a hot shower along with a warm beverage. Many people may not have access to their WiFi because of the power outage so I ask that you please try to contact and share this message with others in the community. Should you be aware of a resident who may need assistance, a senior or person with disability, and are able to check in on them to offer support please do so. I will provide further updates as the day progresses.


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