Part of Goulbourn Rec Centre closed today after electrical problem

Shad Qadri sent this note via email on Tuesday morning:

I have just been made aware that a portion of the Goulbourn Recreation Centre at 1500 Shea Road in Stittsville has been closed by Fire Services due to a reported problem with the electrical system there.

At this time, any resident and staff working there have been asked to leave the facility.  At this time the two arenas do not appear to be impacted.   Staff are continuing to gather more details on cause, anticipated recovery time, and impact on programs.

As I receive any new updates I will be letting you know.  Please feel free to provide this information on to anyone you feel should have it.

If you have a scheduled program for later today I would advise you call the facility first to see if it has been re opened at 613-831-1169.

Quadri sent out the following update later in the afternoon:


I just received this update from senior Recreation staff.  Power is progressively being returned to the GRC Community Centre space by an electrical contractor.   All rooms now have light except the lobby, men’s change room, staff offices and the emergency lighting system.   Work continues to get these areas back up and running.

Staff have cancelled all programs for today with staff contacting affected clients in registered programs.  Staff have been contacting clients in registered programs today to let them know of the disruption and they will make every effort to get their phone message at 613-831-1169updated.

 Please note that the After School program has not been affected nor cancelled but is has been moved to Arena Lobby B.   Bus operators have been advised to drop school children off at the arena entrance.  Both arenas will stay open since they are not impacted by this problem.

Staff remain hopeful that full service will be restored by tomorrow morning.    The GRC’s Facility Manager will remain on-site to address any inquiries at this time.


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