Green bin plastic or paper bag disposal coming soon

Garbage day. Photo by Glen Gower

On July 2nd, residents will now be able to use plastic bags as an option for disposing of organics in your green bin. Organics would include food scraps, paper towel, tissues and coffee grounds, including the organics you already place in paper bags in the green bin. Dog waste and kitty litter will also be allowed to be disposed of in your green bin.

This new additional usage of the green bin will be more convenient and easier to keep the bin clean. Also, using the green bin takes advantage of weekly pickup, while garbage going to landfill is collected bi-weekly.

Responses from sixty percent of those who participated in a recent market survey — who seldom use or do not use their green bins — said they would participate if plastic bags were allowed. The use of plastic or compostable bags will address the inconvenience and “yuck” factors for residents who are hesitant to use the green bin.

The organic waste facility has been retrofitted to rip open the plastic bags and separate the organic waste for composting. The plastic bags are then disposed in the landfill. With more residents using green bins, organic materials will be diverted from the landfill, significantly extending its life.

If you choose to use plastic bags to dispose of organics, the City encourages the reuse of bags that may otherwise be thrown out — for example milk or bread bags. The plastic bag option is just one of many that are tailored to the comfort level and interest of residents. The other options include:

  • Paper bags to keep their green bin clean – including leaf and yard waste bags
  • Newspaper linings in the bin and kitchen containers
  • Cereal boxes and milk cartons to contain food waste

Important to note: Leaf and yard waste cannot be placed in any type of plastic bags including biodegradable/compostable bags. Please continue using paper yard waste bags, or an approved empty container, to dispose of your leaf and yard waste.

If you don’t have a green bin or require a new one, go to or call 3-1-1 and it will be delivered to your front door.




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