Halloween terrors churn up the spirit of Stittsville

(The Tysick kids are heading out to a night of fun and adventure. Photo: Stittsville Central)

All Hallows Eve is steeped in the long celebration of being a frightening night. The pandemic may have added to the oddities of the evening along with a blue full moon and clocks turning back – the spirit of Stittsville residents shone on the night through various scary displays and eerily costumed characters.

(The Hunter’s full blue moon, captured October 31, 2020. Photo: Stittsville Central)

Many residents took Halloween to a different level, with candy prepackaged while providing hand sanitizer, highly crafted displays and drive-by events. There were drop-in visits to Wildpine Residence by the kids at Mandy’s Childcare, United Church was haunted by Frank and Elaine Argue, the Ghoul-bourn Spook show took place with donations to the Stittsville Food Bank, and Sunnyside at Fernbank provided quite a few scares! With houses spooked out and children looking like ghouls, ghosts and goblins, it seems everyone got into the spirit of Halloween. Some memories of the hauntings –


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