Heritage captured through art on display at the Stittsville Library

(Perpetua Quigley currently has a display of her heritage watercolours on display at the Stittsville Library. Here she is holding her most recent pictorial book entitled, ‘Homestead, History, Haiku’. Photos: Stittsville Central and Perpetual Quigley)

For the month of March, the watercolour artwork of Perpetua Quigley is displayed on the Artspace wall at the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library. When the library staff contacted Perpetua asking if she would be interested in displaying her artwork, she was honoured to have this opportunity to share her historical watercolour sketches with the community.

With March break approaching, check out the collection of 11 watercolour sketches, haiku, photostories and colouring pages on exhibit at the Stittsville Library during the month of March. The exhibit will  feature Homesteads, History, Haiku by Perpetua Quigley which were published in Stittsville Central.ca from March to December, 2021. Please leave your comments and thoughts in the accompanying guestbook.

Through her sketches, Perpetua captures the significance of preserving the past while her haiku and the accompanying storied history portray the essence of a time that once was.

Perpetua told Stittsville Central, “Motivated by an appreciation of landmarks and historical homesteads in Stittsville and Kanata, my objective is to use watercolour sketches to share their stories.”

Drawn by light and shadow, subjects are based on photographs from my walkabouts. The sketches are accompanied by haiku with three lines of 5,7,5 syllables. Haiku traditionally associated with nature helps me capture the essence of the moment along with my photography,” she added.

In the spring of 2021, Perpetua contacted Stittsville Central in the hope that we could assist with the history behind our heritage homesteads.

I knew this was an opportunity to share the history of our area to complement Perpetua’s beautiful watercolour sketches. The haiku she composed for each piece further tied in the history of each heritage site. I was only too pleased to work with Perpetua by contributing to the history – I am so pleased that this has blossomed into a wonderful friendship,” said Lesley McKay, Managing Editor at Stittsville Central.

During 2021, Stittsville Central published 13 sketches created by Perpetua with the history and haiku of locally captured features.

Perpetua has published a book of her sketches entitled, ‘Homestead, History, Haiku’. She has also previously published pictorial books with sketches and photos on Hazeldean Woods, The Ephemeral Art of Trees, The Ephemeral Art of Sailing, Backyard Sugarbush, Wanderings and Lingering, and Baby Beauties.



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