How do you want your city to mature?

Last week the Planning Committee for the City of Ottawa introduced and approved a new work plan to assist in the formation of a new Official Plan for Ottawa. The existing official plan has been in place since amalgamation. The new official plan is to be completed, approved by Ottawa’s council and the province by the end of 2021. Public consultations will begin this month and continue throughout 2019.

At the same February 14th Planning Committee meeting, a report was presented to Committee members, entitled ‘Ottawa Next Beyond 2036’. This 89-page report outlines the “Scenarios, Change Drivers, and Planning Considerations” to assist in shaping Ottawa’s future, The report will be used as a working tool to support the review and planning of the new official plan.

Ottawa’s official plan will be the blueprint for the direction in which the city will mature in the future with respect to urban, suburban and rural growth; economic development; transit and the environment to name some areas that the plan covers.

The Planning Committee is reaching out to the public for participation in this process providing the opportunity for Ottawa residents to transform the appearance of future Ottawa. Your contributions will be important to creating an Ottawa that is the most “livable, mid-sized city in North America”. You can learn more on these consultations and participation through the City of Ottawa or Councillor Glen Gower’s web sites.

Here is the link to the report ‘Ottawa Next Beyond 2036’:  https://Document-1-corrected-version_Ottawa-Next_Beyond-2036.pdf




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