Humane Society warns that Canada Day can pose a serious risk to pets

As Ontario enters Step 2 of reopening and prepares for Canada Day celebrations, the Ottawa Humane Society is preparing for a spike in lost dogs.

With fireworks and other noisy displays, an increased number of pets become lost or injured as they bolt from the loud noises.

“Fireworks can frighten even very confident and calm dogs,” said Bruce Roney, OHS President & CEO. “Animals with sensitive hearing have no idea what the unpredictable, booming noises are and pets can become terrified fast, increasing the risk that they might run and become lost. This is why the OHS strongly advises pet owners to keep their dogs away from firework displays.”

The OHS recommends that pet owners also take precautions at home to protect their pets. If you are home during fireworks, you should remain calm and take your pet to a place protected from the noise, like a bathroom, basement or a crate padded with blankets. Draw the curtains and block all exits. Sounds from a television or fan can also mask the sound of fireworks.

Roney added, “Do your pet and yourself a favour. The last thing you want is to spend a very worried Canada Day searching for your missing pet.”

Anyone who sees a lost dog is asked to call the City of Ottawa at 311.

Those who unfortunately lose their pets can fill out a lost report on the OHS’s website.


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