City serves up options for Huntmar/Maple Grove intersection

Intersection of Huntmar and Maple Grove. Heading northbound, one lane combines straight-through and left turns. The other is for right turns only.

Councillor Shad Qadri and City traffic planners have asked residents to comment on three potential new options for the Huntmar/Maple Grove intersection. You can see the new options here (via Fairwinds Community).

Some background: In August, new traffic lights were put up at the intersection that replaced a 4-way stop. While the lights solved some of the traffic flow and pedestrian safety issues, the lane configuration has led to confusion.

Going northbound, the current lane markings have three lanes: a “left and straight” combined, a bike lane in the middle, and a right-turn only lane.  Problem is, drivers get impatient when they’re stuck behind a left-turning vehicle, so they pass on the right.  That’s leading to some dangerous situations.

Two of the new options remove the bike lane entirely, and another option has a single lane for cars and one bike lane.

Strangely, none of the options include a “left turn only” lane combined with a “straight-ahead and right” lane.  Nor is there an option for adding an advance green traffic signal, which might help unclog the northbound congestion.  Both of those options have been suggested by residents in the past.


A number of residents have asked why the bike lane is placed in the middle of the two traffic lanes. We asked Citizens for Safe Cycling, and here’s a response from Alex deVries, their president:

The configuration of having a bike lane between straight-through and dedicated right turn lanes is common in Ottawa, and follows the Ontario Traffic Commission’s guidelines. We have lots of these in the city. They can work well for confident cyclists where there is only slow-moving traffic.
But this could have been so much better. A multi-use path with a dedicated pedestrian/bicycle signal at Maple Grove would have made this an intersection that would encourage new people to cycle.
A proper connection to the Trans-Canada Trail would make the area much more cycleable.  Destinations like the Canadian Tire Centre and the Tanger Outlet Mall could be accessible by bicycle.



Councillor Shad Qadri and the Fairwinds Community Association are asking residents to weigh-in on their preferred option, or to suggest other possibilities. You can send comments to Councillor Qadri at or to the Fairwinds Community Association via  The community association also has a survey here.

We’d like to hear from you too.  Add a comment below or email


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