Hydro One line clearing work starts March 14

(via Councillor Shad Qadri)

Hydro One Forestry has informed my office that they will be performing important line clearing work through Stittsville. The work will consist of tree trimming, removal of dead, leaning or dangerous trees as well as those encroaching upon the line. Non-compatible brush beneath the line will be sprayed standing or cut and stump sprayed with Garlon RTU (PCP Registration # 29334) which is a federally and provincially approved herbicide.

The portion of this line that runs through Stittsville is located on City property. The work required through this area appears to be light and will primarily consist of trimming to provide minimum clearance from the lines. There is an anticipated start date of March 14, 2016. The work will take place in stages and conclude August 22, 2016.

For any questions on concerns please contact:

Steve Austin
Area forestry technician
Toll free: 1-800-242-7215

(EDITOR’S NOTE: In Stittsville, the work will include power lines along Huntmar Road and Maple Grove Road.)


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