Improve your flexibility – join the Stittsville table tennis group

For over 10 years the Table Tennis Group of Stittsville has been enjoying this recreational sport. The group has some regulars who have been playing since the beginning or pretty close to it, but always welcomes new members Bob Schwenger is the leader and coach for the group — and has done so continuously for over 10 years.

Table tennis is an excellent opportunity to exercise, improve your flexibilty and form new friendships. Stella Eyres, a long-time member of the Stittsville table tennis group says that, “four members have been playing together since it started with the same coach and leader, Bob Schwenger, for over 10 years”.

Janice Blain, who joined the group a few of years ago, commented, “their one common interest is table tennis and all the benefits it offers — improving hand-eye coordination, mental agility and physical agility too. This means overall improved health benefits as well as the social aspects and the sense of achievement in mastering a sport”.

The number of players vary in each session – more in the September to December group starting on October 20th and running until December 10th. As the group caters to people new to the sport as well as those with previous experience, all are welcome and encouraged to join. The group plays Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Johnny Leroux Community Centre from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m. each day.

It is a recreational program offered by the City of Ottawa, Parks and Recreation Programs. You can register on the City’s website or in person at the Cardel Recreation Complex-Goulbourn. The table tennis code is 1582877 and the registration fee is $100.50.

Stella mentioned, “the players are from a wide variety of backgrounds and when not playing table tennis they each enjoy other sports and forms of recreation which makes for interesting conversations”.

Please note, that all Ottawa Public Health protocols will be strictly followed by the Club.

For further information please contact Bob Schwenger at 613-836-7210 or by email at


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