Intenseffex supports local charities while offering fair and affordable PPE for the community

(Intenseffex offers a large selection of affordable PPE supplies available through their window shopping option or online. Photo: provided)

During this pandemic, Intenseffex has strived to find the most affordable and fair PPE pricing for the community. It has been challenging with the unstable supply chains as well as price-gouging by some. The Canadian government has began investigations of many organizations selling PPE, but due to the length of time involved, many may be overlooked. Our advice to you, do your research and follow the old adage – buyer beware.

Introducing PPE done right – Fair and Affordable. If you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and want that extra assurance as the vaccinations finally arrive, we urge you to do some ‘safe shopping’.

The year 2020 has brought many of us together to help our local charities and community support groups as they deal with the surge of individuals in need of their services. To further support these local charities, Intenseffex is offering personal ‘Window Shopping’ appointments for an extensive supply of PPE products. This was originally offered to Immune-Sensitive individuals in our communities of Stittsville, Kanata and Carp with tremendous success. This service is now being offered to all community members who require PPE supplies at fair and affordable prices while supporting our community charities.

Appointments are approximately 30 minutes in length to give you the opportunity to window browse and ask questions about the many products available, while allowing for safety protocols. To book an appointment, by email or online, contact or from the website There is no minimum purchase required.

We stock popular and certified (Health Canada, NIOSH, etc.) brands such as Lysol, Certainty, Zytec, 3M, and others. We have a generous stock of Disinfectant Wipes, Gloves (Nitrile and Vinyl), Disinfectant Sprays, Hand Sanitizer, Lanyards, Disposable Masks, N95 Masks – various models, Face Shields, Isopropyl Alcohol, 2.5 Micron Filters, Mask Support Inserts, Custom 100% Cotton Masks (various sizes).

The inventory contains over 600 items of Sanitizers, Gloves, Cleansers, N95 Masks, KN95 Masks, Disinfectant Wipes (various brands), Non-Surgical masks, ‘Masks by Monique’ 100% Cotton 3 ply masks, Isopropyl Alcohol, Face Shields (3 different types), Mask Filters, Mask Insert Supports, Mask Lanyards, Necklace Hand Sanitizers and much more.

(One of the handy necklace type hand sanitizers. Ideal for seniors and children to use.)

The net proceeds of these sales shall always go to the Stittsville Food Bank and Chrysalis House. Individuals can visit for window shopping and have the items brought out for pick-up immediately. We support EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfers), Contactless payments of VISA, MC, AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay, DEBIT all Tap. Products can also be viewed over a Facebook LIVE video link (video appointments) and then porch drop-offs can be arranged – an additional service provided by Intenseffex.

The service provided by Intenseffex is designed to offer the maximum of convenience and safety for everyone. No one should fear, or not be able to afford the necessary items in order to navigate safely in our community. That is the mandate of ‘Fair and Affordable PPE’!


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