Jackson Trails residents ask for compromise on Minto subdivision

Jackson Trails Community Association (JTCA) president Omar Sultan believes there’s still an opportunity for Minto to change their plan for Potter’s Key, before it goes to the city’s Planning Committee on February 23.

He’s written a 19-page letter on behalf of the JTCA outlining 11 community requests for including the subdivision plan that’s proposed just west of Jackson Trails. The letter includes a variety of requests and proposed solutions to mitigate concerns about issues like traffic, housing density, pedestrian safety, compatibility, and parkland.

“If I can get the councillors and the city planning staff and everybody looking for other solutions and get into discussions with Minto and seeing this out of committee, that’s what I would like to do,” says Sultan.

He’s also hoping that the letter will give other residents some inspiration to write their own emails to Planning Committee, or even attend the meeting at City Hall.

“I’m hoping people can go through that and pick out an item or two that they feel strong about, and research that, and come up with examples,” he said.

Here’s the full letter:


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  1. Request VII [p. 13-14] I wholeheartedly agree with the request for an independent traffic study at the expense of the city and performed by a neutral party. Given all the development in the Stittsville area along the Hazeldean corridor between Terry Fox & Carp Rd. in recent years, there is a definite need for alternate road routes in addition to the main corridors in place. Why is the Carp Rd. expansion and the Huntmar/Stittsville Main North extension-expansion not tabled to be completed sooner than 2020 and beyond?

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