Jackson Trails splash pad set to open today

Splash pad at Pioneer Plains Park, under construction

Here’s an update from Shad Qadri today on the splash pad at Pioneer Plains Park in Jackson Trails.  Residents will have about a month to use it before it closes for the fall — the City of Ottawa says splash pads will be operating this year until September 16.

The Pioneer Plains Splash pad in Jackson Trails will be open and ready for operation on Friday, August 14th! This comes just in time for the hot temperatures being forecasted for the weekend. Staffs have been onsite this week completing final landscaping details and removing construction fencing from around the pad area. 

I would like to thank Dan Chenier, General Manager Parks Recreation and Cultural Services and Marco Manconi Manager of Design and Construction, Building and Parks along with their perspective staffs for their hard work and support to ensure the construction of this project. This splash pad will provide water play opportunities for younger children many years to come. 

The City of Ottawa has approximately 110 Splash Pads. These splash pads vary from single nozzles to ones that have 100s of nozzles. These 110 splash pads used approximately 250,000 cubic meters of water at a cost of $920,000 in 2014. The average splash pad uses 2300 cubic meters of water at a cost of $8,400. The Jackson Trails unit is relatively new so no specific measurements are available as of yet. 

In terms of the total cost, for the installation of this project, it has come in under $200,000. I am please to say that through my efforts I was able to allocate the funding for this project through the Ward 6 Cash-in-Lieu of parkland account. 


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