January 24 deadline for city to receive comments on Master Transportation Plan

Ottawa has grown into a city of one million residents. Over the next 25 years, that number is expected to grow to more than 1.4 million. With that kind of growth, it necessitates a revisit as to how people, vehicles and goods move through our city.

Important decisions are required as residents and as a city to set the vision for the updated Transportation Master Plan. Some will be straightforward, others more in-depth. Either way, the city wants to have significant information and discussions so Ottawa will be the most liveable mid-sized city in North America.

Councillor Gower stated in his newsletter, “It’s very important for Stittsville residents to take part in this consultation process. Whether it’s investments in transit to serve our growing community, or funding for transportation links like Robert Grant Avenue or Carp Road, it’s important that the City’s transportation planners hear directly from you. Your feedback also helps me to advocate for more investment and improvements in our community.”

Transportation decisions affect all of Ottawa’s residents and businesses. No matter if you walk, drive, cycle, bus, take the light rail transit or scoot, whether you ship products or have them delivered, or whether you own or share a car, how people and goods move through the city affects you. All the choices made moving forward will require some give and take. Let the city know what is important to you and how Ottawa’s transportation system can move in the right direction for decades to come.

Take the time to make your thoughts and concerns known by completing the short online questionnaire about what you consider important for the master plan update. You can reach the questionnaire here. Sign-up for the updates to ensure you receive ongoing current information from the city.


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  1. just terrible should have left all, buses . normal routes and times until you had this all ironed out.
    with the new TC rail And the bus routes ,
    I Think it is terrible for all the riders . Going through this winter weather . Even if it was another season .. all this was not call for .

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