Jazz by the Union Brewery Quartet at Gaia Java this week

I have enjoyed listening to a recording of this group of Unionized Brewers. Their guitar/sax/bass/drums style is a smooth jazz reminiscent of some of the small ensembles in the ’50s and ’60s, and very competently played. I am looking forward to hearing them in the shop, as well as discussing with them the differences in our approaches to brewing!

Our brews take a few minutes to prepare – I have a sense that theirs involve a longer gestation, coupled with a lot of experimentation! Perhaps a little detail about the individuals in the group will be helpful:

Union Members

  • Russian Sax player Dmitry Egunov made a pilgrimage to Canada after sampling a Union Brew when a shipwrecked case floated in from the Baltic Sea to the port city of Saint Petersburg. He came for the Canadian fizz but stayed for the flavour.
  • Brother Andre Ferraton on drums heals the sick with his kit. Come out to a show with any ailment and Andre will do his best to soothe the soul and to clear the mind. Brother Andre performs similar missionary work with The Lonesome Devils and blues artist Drew Nelson.
  • Bass player Michael Lechasseur joined the Union Brewery Quartet solely as an excuse to duck out of member meetings but his playing has much improved as a result. When not raising children for his future big band he spends his time lining up ones and zeros.
  • Brew-master Marc Salsbury speaks with his hands on the 6 string guitar. Never fearing strange varieties of hops and yeasts Marc is always experimenting with new strains of blues to add to his jazz. After a few, he might even admit to having tried bluegrass once in college. Marc also plays with another quintet in Ottawa.

You can explore their website at: http://www.unionbrewery.ca/

The Jazz by the Union Brewery Quartet plays Gaia Java on Stittsville Main Street on Friday, July 10 at 7:00pm.


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