Jazz guitarist Robert Wannell performs at Gaia Java on Friday

Robert Wannell
Robert Wannell

You may well have heard Rob on some of his previous forays in our shop.  These started back when he was at Nepean High School and already amazing his music teachers with very advanced guitar (and keyboard) capability, and an understanding of chord voicings way beyond his years!

He takes familiar standards and gives them an impressive new structure, without losing the elements you recognise. Now Rob is at Humber College (a mecca for musicians!) in Toronto, studying jazz guitar, and a glimpse of his abilities when he was back here around Christmastime showed that he is finding some very positive influences there.

So come along this Friday and relax to some cool jazz sounds! Don’t come for Rob’s long-winded introductions with anecdotes etc – it will probably just be “this is All The Things You Are” and that’s it! May not even be that long!

Wannell plays at Gaia Java on February 20 at 7:00pm.

ALSO – preview event for ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Sacred Heart Student: Feb 22nd 3-5pm at Gaia Java Coffee Company

If you can make it in from the cold next Sunday afternoon, you will have a chance to see a promotion event organized by Students from Sacred Heart High School. They will preview a few scenes from their upcoming production of the iconic Harper Lee play, and these will be interspersed with some musical entertainment from students at the school. They are also hoping you will drop by and buy some tickets to the show, which will be running from March 4th to March 7th at the School. So drop by and support the entertaining groups from Sacred Heart High School.


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