Jo-Jo’s Community Garden – Stittsville’s hidden gem growing again

Thanks to the donation of land by the Kassis family in 2017, located behind Jo-Jo’s Pizza, the community garden is again flourishing and has increased in size.


Under the leadership of Stittsville gardener Kim Bonin, who undertook this staggering project from the onset, the one acre organic garden area has increased in number of plots from the initial 30 to this year’s 54. The gardening heritage shed is now complete and is an added attraction to the site. Ten accessible raised garden beds have been added this year for those requiring this feature to ease their gardening tasks. Several water stations have also been set-up for trouble-free watering of the plots. As well, there are three plots being tended by children, giving them the experience and thrill of watching their garden grow, then reaping the fruits of their hard work during the season.

Walk through the Fairy Garden and be enchanted by the delights that await you on the meandering path. Yes, there is a fairy — see if you can find it! The Insect Hotel is another curiosity to observe. See up close how the insects explore and make the hotel their forever home. Take in all of the new trees that have been generously donated and planted on the north side of the garden earlier this year.

Sunflowers are a big part of any garden. Throughout the summer you can watch the progress of the seeds that were sown by Stittsville children on June 22nd as part of the activities at Jo-Jo’s Fun Fair.

Take pleasure in sitting under the new pergola and capture the spirit of a community garden while enjoying some ice cream from Jo-Jo’s Creameria.

Stittsville’s community garden is another success story for 2019. Thanks to the many volunteers who help out and those who have made the garden a success with their donations of garden implements, plants, trees, wood chips, top soil and, of course, manure. Special recognition to Kim, who had the vision and determination to create this gem of a green space for all to share right here in the heart of Stittsville.


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  1. How does one go about reserving a plot? Is there a fee, and if so, how much?
    Are volunteers still required for this fall?

    1. How much is to rent a spot and when can we do it if interested
      Who water the gardens etc
      What are we allowed to grow

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