Jody Ryan brings Yoga ‘Tools for Life’ online

Jody Ryan of Stittsville is the only yoga instructor in Ottawa to deliver Pain Care Yoga and Stittsville Central caught up with her to take a look at how COVID-19 has affected her yoga sessions. Jody offers non-pharmaceutical pain treatment yoga through – education, movement, stress relieving tools, planning and retraining the brain. She wants to help clients to build their capacity and be able to “live your life with more ease”

Jody had to quickly pivot her work model and started delivering live online classes. She also provides more resources for people to reference on her website. She has now shifted her group classes online, in a 6-week workshop type of format. Anyone can do them anytime, from anywhere on their own schedule. It’s a lot of what Jody did in her classes pre-COVID, but because of the online programming she can provide a lot more in terms of pain education and make available more resources to her participants. Her practices have been segmented into shorter 5 to 10 minute sessions that can be completed each on their own or all together for a full 30-minute practice. Her program is offered via the Teachable platform and here is a link for your interest to the program.

Jody’s program offers very good value for what people receive and all of the content is theirs to keep for as long as they wish. She completed a participant online anonymous survey and was pleased with the great feedback overall from her first session held in July.

For those who wish to participate in Jody’s Pain Care Yoga, she is offering an early bird price for those who register by September 18 with classes starting on September 22.

For the months of September and October Jody is offering special rates for her 1:1 online private yoga therapy sessions. These sessions are led via Zoom – for some people it works better as they don’t have to drive and it can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Yet, of course there is the drawback of not being in-person. It seems many people prefer having telehealth options being made available now. Jody says, “It’s been a challenge trying to get in practicum hours, when not being able to meet with people now so I’m really hoping this might help with some of that as well”.

Here are a couple of links to some useful information for Jody’s upcoming sessions:

Jody shared, “I would love for people to know that my services are available as an option, when some of what they might already find difficult to access (often wait times of 4 years) is no longer available“.

Should you have chronic pain, mobility issues, or just enjoy Yoga, register for Jody’s upcoming sessions at Pain Care Yoga. Jody will support you in managing your pain and teach you to live life with more mobility.



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