When that blasted blasting near Johnwoods/Maple Grove will stop

Controlled Blasting signage

Residents near Johnwoods/Maple Grove will be happy to hear that the blasting work is scheduled to end within a couple of weeks.

The latest estimate from Mattamy Homes is that the majority of the work will be completed by September 17, according to Daniel Potechin, a construction manager with the developer.

Mattamy Homes is building the Fairwinds West subdivision just east of Johnwoods Street, and needs to blast away about 50,000 cubic meters of rock.  All summer long nearby residents have been hearing the warning siren and loud, earth-shaking explosions throughout the day.

The blasting was scheduled to start in early June and last approximately eight weeks, but with all the rainy weather this summer, work was delayed.

Seismographs that monitor ground movement have been placed around the site to measure the effects of the blasting, according to Potechin.

Regulations required a third-party inspection of all homes within 60 meters of the blasting area before the work started .  (60 meters is a bit shorter than a typical city block.) Those inspections, which include videos and photos of the homes, can be used as a benchmark to determine if the blasting causes any damage.

Streets where homes received a pre-inspection include Mika Street, Kinalea Crescent, Maple Grove Road, Joseph Circle and Hartin Street, according to Kevin Lamer, the city’s program manager for development inspection.

The City has received several complaints about the blasting from residents in the area.  Those complaints are investigated by the inspection company, says Lamer.

StittsvilleCentral.ca has had reports from residents in Jackson Trails, Fairwinds, Bryanston Gate and the Victor Street area who have heard or felt the blasting.

“Whenever there is blasting in the area our entire house will shake… feels like we are having an earthquake.  I know some people have reported pictures and things falling, luckily we haven’t had it that severe,” said Sue Bursey-Lambe, who lives on Candow Crescent, about 200 meters from the blast site.

Gord McCormick, a real estate agent who lives on the east side of Jackson Trails, says that as a work-at-home professional the constant daytime blasting has been “disconcerting”.

“Dishes rattle in the cupboard and we can feel the foundation shaking just like an earthquake tremor,” he says.

McCormick’s hasn’t discovered any damage on his home but he’s concerned about unseen foundational or structural damage.

“We understand this work is necessary to continue the build-out of Stittsville but hope there are no long term effects on housing structure or resale ability,” he says.

Residents concerned about property damage due to the blasting can contact Mattamy Homes at 1-877-628- 8269 or call the City of Ottawa at 311.

Mattamy’s blasting may be done soon but there’s more blasting to come: Tamarack and Tartan may require blasting in the Poole Creek Village development next door.

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6 thoughts on “When that blasted blasting near Johnwoods/Maple Grove will stop”

  1. They lied. I live in Mika street, very close to the blasting. Our home never got inspected. Our home shakes, all of our pictures are crooked, I am more than a little upset.

  2. As a precaution, consider taking ‘before’ photos of walls/corners or a video scan, or hiring an inspector, if the city or developer does not include your home in the area monitored. The city can be more precise about your recourse and proof required in case of damage.

  3. The real issue I see is the damage that cannot be proven. I’ve lived in my house in the area now only 2 months, but there are cracks in my garage and basement floors that are new or growing. I of course could never prove that the blasting was the cause, even though I know what is probably causing it.

  4. A light fixture on my main floor study fell and landed on a desk. I am absolutely positive the light fixture was loosened and damaged from the blasting. We were very lucky no one was sitting under the light. A heavy glass fixture would have caused a minimum, a concussion.

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