Kanata Theatre brings comedic thriller – Mauritius – to the stage

(The Kanata Theatre cast of Mauritius: Tom Kobolak, Adam Pelletier, Annie West, Michael Clarke and Elizabeth Foulds. The productions runs from February 7-17, 2024 at the Ron Maslin Playhouse. Photos: Alex Henkelman Photography.)

Kanata Theatre, celebrating 55 years, has produced another outstanding stage production entitled, Mauritius. The show runs at the Ron Maslin Playhouse on Terry Fox Drive from February 7 – 17, 2024. In appreciation of the community members who have supported Kanata Theatre over the years, the company continued the tradition of hosting their Members’ Night to view the show prior to opening to the public.

Mauritius is a story that weaves the tale of the death of a mother and her daughter having to face a dire situation. “When her mother dies after an expensive illness and a lifetime of bad choices, tentative but tenacious young Jackie is left with a mound of debt. One glimmer of hope: a stamp collection, potentially valuable, is among her assets. Philip, the brusque and arrogant stamp dealer to whom she takes the collection, won’t even take a look without his $2000 fee. Charming Dennis, a former stamp collector and small-time grifter down on his luck, who just happens to be hanging out in Philip’s shop, is only too willing to look at Jackie’s collection. Trouble brews and the game is afoot in this dark, edgy suspenseful tour de force. Its plot twists will leave the audience gasping for breath.” Theresa Rebeck’s Mauritius is a surprising comedic thriller, a look at a seedy and rarified world of philatelic subterfuge, with a dark center of family pain. The production features the thrilling original music by J. Leonard Hopkins.

There were many comments after the performance on Members’ Night. “Wow! Just wow!”; “Congratulations! Great job on not making the language gratuitous. It flowed naturally.”; “Tell the cast – That was AMAZING!!”; “Very creative way to change the scenes – very fun to watch”; “Loved the music you used!!” and many more accolades.

The talented cast includes:

  • Tom Kobolak …… Philip
  • Adam Pelletier …… Dennis
  • Annie West …… Jackie
  • Michael Clarke …… Sterling
  • Elizabeth Foulds …… Mary

Juli Heney, the Director of Mauritis shares, “From the first concept to the finished product, I have been very fortunate with the cast and crew in Mauritius. They have bonded so well and continue to explore and expand on their characters, as we approached this auspicious day. In a sense, the only nervousness I feel is for them: I want them to be able to come off the stage feeling like they nailed it! Feeling energized to do it again! and again and again. To paraphrase Kahlil Gibran, they are the arrows of my heart that I have shot out onto the stage to make their mark in their own way. I am so proud of everyone in this production and am eternally grateful for the support throughout this process.”

Professional Stage Fighting Coach, Chris McLeod, worked closely with the acting team to create the realistic and safe fighting scenes the audience realized knowing that it was entirely acting.

Grab your tickets now on the Kanata Theatre website, by phone 613-831-4435, or at the Ron Maslin Playhouse box office before they are sold out! Don’t miss this gripping drama!


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  1. My friend and I took in this marvelous play at the matinée on February 11th. The acting, lighting, music was exceptional,
    such an involved play. We just loved it. Thank you to the great staff who helped my friend who has a walker up and down the stairs. What great theatre we have in the west end of Ottawa. Three cheers!!!

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