Krampus and Grinch family photo sessions give back to the Stittsville Food Bank

(Joseph Carbonetto and Bibi Copeland, the photographer for the Krampus/Grinch display, take a moment to enjoy a little Krampus/Grinch time. The photo sessions raised funds for the Stittsville Food Bank. Photo: submitted.)

The courtyard offered by a Stittsville family was the perfect backdrop for the second annual Krampus/Grinch family photo fundraiser in support of the Stittsville Food Bank. Beautifully decorated, families enjoyed the time spent with Krampus and The Grinch with a setting filled with Christmas delight.

The photo event, held over two days, attracted many families who wanted their special Christmas photos captured for their memories. Not only families, but Krampus and Grinch lovers also took advantage of this weekend event. Krampus was stationary, but The Grinch was comically animated by Jason Billingham, a student at the Kanata Montessori Private School. Jason played the part so well, so well in fact you would think he emerged right from the pages of Dr. Seuss.

The gently falling snow didn’t deter those with appointments, but only added to the Christmas atmosphere and to the scene of the already cozy Grinch and creepy Krampus. Tents and heaters were also set-up to keep everyone comfortable.

And, of course, while we were visiting, we just had to have our photo taken with the host, Joseph!

Another successful event hosted by Joseph Carbonetto will see $500.00 going to the Stittsville Food Bank.


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