Kungfu Bistro re-opens after weekend break-in

Margarita Chen from Kungfu Bistro sent along this note.  They were closed on Sunday due to an overnight break-in.
We are OPEN today!  It’s business as usual with a lot of prepping to be done.  The culprits took off with a lot of EGGROLLS and CHICKEN BALLS (you heard right) …Even thieves love our food!  We can’t give out the details as the investigation is ongoing but I’d say that we are thankful for our security systems. This may have slowed us down but it won’t stop us from feeding the school kids this morning (a program that we’ve been working on to help schools raise money).

We’re sorry we had to turn away so many customers yesterday but are thankful for the well wishes of everyone. Come visit us if you can or call us to for dinner!



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