Legal seminar for creative professionals on July 20, Sept 28

(Press release)

StoryArt Creative Centre & Boutique is pleased to announce a new seminar series for creative professionals. Ottawa-based entertainment lawyer and Stittsville resident Byron Pascoe from Edwards PC, Creative Law, will lead the series of creative law sessions.

  • Music Law Session: Thursday, July 20th from 11am-12:30pm
  • Film Law  Session: Thursday, Sept 28th from 11am-1230pm

Topics will include issues faced by creative service businesses such as graphic design, photography, visual arts, filmmaking, music and creative writing. This is a series for professionals or aspiring professionals in the creative fields. The series will include a creative services business session, a music law session, a creative writing legal session and a filming legal session. The sessions are scheduled to take place at StoryArt Creative Centre located at 1572 Stittsville Main St.

The MUSIC LAW SESSION is for musicians and people who work with musicians such as managers. Byron will speak about some of the more common music agreements, including manager, band, record label and publishing agreements. He will also cover some of the more common questions that his music clients ask of him. “Being a musician is a business. As such, it’s important for musicians to understand their rights and responsibilities to others,” stated Pascoe.

“We’re pleased to host Byron Pascoe and the Creative Law Series. Having access to a local resource to answer questions specific to creative services businesses is great,” stated Mel Richer, StoryArt Creative Director. More information and registration for the seminars can be found at or call StoryArt at 613-435-3601.


Byron Pascoe is a lawyer with Edwards PC, Creative Law. This boutique law firm provides legal services to Digital Media, Game, TV, Film, Animation, Music, Publishing and other creative industry clients. For more information and blogs, please visit

Byron began his professional career managing a TV and new media production company that produced comedy programming for Canadian and U.S. TV networks. During Law School, he co-founded the Charter Project, a national education initiative about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He produced public service announcements about the Charter featuring Canadian celebrities. Millions of Canadians watched them on TV and in movie theatres. As a board member of Ottawa-based SAW Video and Artists’ Legal Services Ottawa, he coordinates and speaks at workshops about the filmmaking process. Byron contributes to Ottawa’s music publication Ottawa Beat, co-manages Ottawa’s Independent Music Business series, and is an executive member of the Ontario Bar Association’s Entertainment, Media and Communications Law Section.

These sessions are for general informational purposes only and are not to be considered as legal advice. Please contact Edwards PC, Creative Law or another lawyer or firm, if you wish to apply the concepts discussed to your specific circumstances.

About StoryArt:

StoryArt Creative Centre & Boutique is located at 1572 Stittsville Main St. and houses handmade artwork, jewellery, gifts and decor as well as a curated collection of retro and antique finds. The boutique is now home to the works of over 30 local artists, artisans and makers. The second story studios host workshops and classes in the creative arts. Visit for more information.


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