LETTER: A call for “no parking” on Liard Street

Liard Street in Stittsville runs from Fernbank to Stittsville Main

On the north side of Liard Street from Stittsville Main Street to the corner of Basswood, the ditches were reconstructed in September 2016, allowing the water to flow from the paved road into the ditch, decreasing the shoulder so the water would flow through the ditch rather than along the pavement.

Now the shoulder is at best two feet from the edge of the pavement to the slope of the ditch, and when a vehicle parks pointing east on the shoulder it occupies at least half of the pavement, limiting the traffic to one lane.

Recent construction of subdivisions on the south side of Fernbank has resulted in increased traffic cutting through on Liard Street. Having no sidewalks creates a dangerous situation for all pedestrians. Many are school children. There’s also an additional danger where the street makes sharp bends and the children do not always face the oncoming traffic.

My recommendation would be to make Liard Street “no parking” both ways, increasing the sight lines, at least until a sidewalk on one side of Laird Street has been constructed.

There are many on the street who will always want “on-street parking”. Most have sufficient parking on their driveways from the city property line extending their driveway by at least room for two cars.

I believe this to be a public danger, therefore, allowing this correctable situation… to continue is contributory negligence!

Howard C. Pierce
Liard Street, Stittsville


5 thoughts on “LETTER: A call for “no parking” on Liard Street”

  1. I one hundred percent disagree. Liard from Main Street to Basswood is a speedway. Rarely do people park on the street and I’m glad when they do as they slow the speeders down. There are hardly any children on this part of the street and speeders are the problem not the odd car that is parked there. Yes this is my section of the street and I want to maintain the option for friends and family to park in front of my house when my driveway is full.

  2. Part of the safety issue is that children and adults still don’t follow simple safety rules like “always walk facing the oncoming traffic”! When I was a child in school part of our class in primary and grade school was safety! Safety at play, safety at home, safety on bikes etc. It was incorporated into learning words and phrases so became useful in teaching more than one thing. Wish schooling would become more rounded in terms of teaching life skills integrated with language etc so that children would become street smart!

  3. Absolutely not! We purposely park on the street to reduce speed.

    This street was never meant to be a thruway for other subdivisions. Better planning of traffic and infrastructure should be considered BEFORE these new subdivisions are approved.

    How about no thru traffic on Liard?

    How about actively policing the speed limit?

    Take a look at Carleton Cathcart and the sidewalk. You can’t get down the road in the winter due to poor plowing practices.

    How about a 3 way stop at Liard and Basswood?

    Slow traffic to protect pedestrians.

    A “clear siteline” will only increase speeds. We have watched people pull off Main street and speed down Liard because they can see down to Basswood.

    No Parking signs and sidewalks will just create new issues.

  4. Liard is indeed a speedway as I take my life in my hands whenever I use it as a pedestrian. However, try living on Basswood Avenue as I do! I have repeatedly asked that a stop sign be placed at Evelyn and Basswood and the answer is always NO. Basswood is very long and uninterrupted and traffic flies along it with no care for the many pedestrians! Total disregard and respect for the 40 K speed limit! I’m fed up with the speeders!

  5. My experience has been that many speeders actually live on the street they are speeding on. Try following the odd speeder and see which drive way they pull into.

    BUT no parking on a Stittsville street; that is horrible. People will have a tough time selling their homes. I for one, do not look at homes for sale if there is no on-street parking. where are visitors supposed to park? Sounds like no more birthday parties, Easter dinners, or Christmas dinners on Liard St.

    And, this will probably set a precedent for other Stittsville streets.

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