LETTER: Advance polling delays are an affront to democracy

We heard a few reports from residents today about long lines at advance polling stations in Ottawa. Here’s a letter from a reader who says she waited in line about 90 minutes to vote at the Johnny Leroux Arena.

I went to vote today in Carleton riding and was deeply disappointed by the set up that Elections Canada had.

For my constituents in my area of the riding, there was only one booth assembled. While people were heading into the polls in droves (awesome!), the estimated 1-2 hour wait to vote meant that, for every one person heading in to vote, there were easily 15 turning away and saying they may not be able to come back and vote after all.

Many of people leaving were elderly (too challenging to stand for that long), working class (need to go back to work), or parents of young children (too difficult to keep kids occupied for that long).

This is absolutely shameful and a complete affront to democracy. Voting needs to be accessible for all people, regardless of ability, age, or class. Give Elections Canada a call (1-800-463-6868) or fill out an accessibility survey to tell them this is unacceptable!

Tori Roberts



5 thoughts on “LETTER: Advance polling delays are an affront to democracy”

  1. That’s not the only attack on democracy. There have been polling station confusions, but more worrying is that a bunch of ridings were added, mostly favoring one particular party. We can all guess which party favors these manipulative changes.

  2. I waited two minutes and saw the confusion and typical government efficiency and walked away. I can’t physically stand in line for 1/2 hour and was told the wait was closer to 1 hour. So another disillusioned voter is turned away.

  3. So I went the other day to the poling station ion Stittsville to vote.
    I had to wait and hour and a half to vote.
    For that hour and a half i had to listen to people whine and bitch about waiting to vote.
    And all i could think was, how lucky you are you get to vote.
    How lucky you don’t have to worry about about the poling place being fire bombed.
    We don’t have to worry about being beaten raped or shot for wanting to vote.
    Were you or your family threatened by goons who you were telling you how to vote?
    To the woman and her daughter who gave the returning officer a hard time because they had to wait, did you know women could not vote, and still cant in many places?
    did any one tale the ballots box away and burn it ?
    Has you political views put you in jail, of worse?
    Has you candidate been but in jail or killed?
    People have died for the right the vote, they have waited for days , traveled miles on foot, hiding from goons just so they can vote.
    So you had to wait in line for your privilege to vote.
    How the hell is that an affront to democracy?
    You don’t know how lucky you are.

    1. I have to say, that was my first though too. While I think that kind of disorganization is pretty disappointing, to call it an “affront to democracy” is a slap in the face to all those who have risked everything for the right to wait in line to fill out a ballot.

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