LETTER: Clarification on Mini Muffins closure

Re:  Parents lose cash and scramble for childcare after Mini Muffins closure, October 20

I am writing to you with concern for the article you published with regards to the sudden closing of the Mini Muffins Pre-school.  I only became aware of the public notice on December 23, 2014.  It’s unfortunate that not all family members were made aware of  the closure and with the passing of both my father and mother, this is the first time I have been able to address this publication; specifically this particular quote published by my sister, Susan Martello.

In a letter to parents and staff, owner Susan Martello said the facility has filed for business bankruptcy: “Both of my parents are critically ill and I am their sole caretaker. I cannot work right now so that I am able to care for them. Financially Mini Muffins is declaring bankruptcy due to this, changes in the school boards and Mini Muffins not being full to capacity.”

Susan Martello is the youngest sibling of five children.  There is myself (Cindy Lamoureux) the oldest and residing in Cornwall, Ontario, followed by Patrick and Scott Jimmo, who both reside in the province of Alberta as well as our sister Jennifer Jimmo who resides in Renfrew.

Susan was not their sole caretaker.  Our parents took pride in ensuring they took care of their own affairs in their final days.  This included the building of a separate apartment that was constructed within the single family dwelling belonging to Susan Martello as their final wishes were to die in their own home.

There were also regular visits from medical staff to ensure that proper comfort and care was administered to them in their final days.  Both of our parents had full medical coverage as well as took care of all of their own final estate and burial arrangements which were done prior to their passing.

Our parents went to their graves unaware that Mini Muffins was bankrupt and would be horrified to learn that it was suggested their care was in any way indirectly responsible for the unfortunate demise of this business.  They were financially comfortable and would have pursued other options rather than put any of the children in harm’s way financially.  They were very proud of Susan’s success which was evident in their decision to make Susan the sole Executor and Power of Attorney for their estate.

In closing, for those of us who didn’t have the opportunity to provide comments to your article at the time it was published, I respectfully ask that your readers be made aware that family members were available or providing the care our parents needed in their final days.


Cindy Lamoureux
Cornwall, Ontario