LETTER: Fernbank and Flewellyn have always been wet

Re: Property values drained by wetland designation

I’m 60 years old. I grew up in Stittsville. When I was a young boy we didn’t have garbage pick-up in Stittsville. On weekends I would often go with my father in the family car on Fernbank Road west of Stittsville to a Goulbourn Township dump in the far west part of Lot 16, Concession 10, on the northerly side of Fernbank Road to get rid of our garbage.

This now long abandoned old dump property starts approximately 200 metres west of the culvert on Fernbank Road pictured in your article. I don’t know if one can still see a sign from Fernbank Road saying something about a Scouts Canada tree planting project there. The Boy Scouts of Canada did some tree planting on the old dump property after it was closed.

When my father and I went to this dump I can remember there being water over the road from the wetland a number of times that we had to drive through to get to the dump. That was in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Fernbank Road has since then been built up higher and a larger diameter culvert put under the road, so no more water over the top of that road.

My family drove down Flewellyn road often from Stittsville to the other side of Ashton to visit relatives and back again to Stittsville. I can recall as a boy a number of times, probably mainly in the springtime, when we had to drive through water over the top of that road as well where it passes through the wetland.

Ken McRae



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