LETTER: Marijuana dispensary owner responds to councillor’s comments

Magna Terra Open House (via Facebook)

(ABOVE: Franco Vigile, owner of the Magna Terra marijuana dispensary on Iber Road, is holding an open house on August 2 and 3.)

Re: Marijuana dispensary too close to schools, says Qadri

It’s really unfortunate to see certain attempts made to install fear into the community after all of the efforts I have made to ensure this facility will be ran safely and responsibly with full regard for the surrounding communities. I would like to make a couple clarifications to Councillor Qadri’s comments.

Firstly, we are absolutely not a storefront, for a matter of fact this facility entails a three-stage process. When you walk into the front of the clinic, you cannot even gain access to the reception area until you are electronically granted access by our receptionist. If and when you are granted access into the reception you will then be required to present a valid medical cannabis prescription along with a government issued photo ID. If your able to present the first two pieces of documentation, you will then be required to fill out and sign our clinic etiquette form. Once you’ve become a member of this clinic there’s a second barrier that you need to be electronically granted access through before being exposed to any of the medicine. That alone should eliminate any concerns that a youth may decide to walk into the clinic one day and potentially be exposed to anything other than drywall and glass.

Secondly, I definitely feel that I have been considerate of the Stittsville community throughout the entire process of putting this facility together. I have self-imposed certain regulations to ensure just that. This facility is not in a foot traffic area what so ever and is 1km (1,000 meters) from the closest school and 1.3kms (1,300 meters) from the other. As an example; the city of Vancouver initiated regulations whereby a “Cannabis Dispensary” cannot be within 300 meters of a school zone and/or a community Center. I have more than tripled that distance to be sensitive and understanding to the communities potential concerns.

It’s quite clear that there are some that may not truly see the medicinal benefit of this medicine nor understand the reasons outlining why the mail order system does not work and isn’t ideal for most. There is a significantly large public demand for this method of obtaining medicine. As a young Canadian and compassionate entrepreneur I feel I have taken the appropriate steps to help illustrate to all levels of government that this model can work safely and efficiently for all parties involved.

I would also like to add that I take full responsibility for opening Ottawa’s first Medical Cannabis Clinic at 903 Carling Ave. which first opened as “The Ottawa Medical Dispensary” and now operates under Magna Terra as well. This specific clinic has been operative for almost a year now with our City Councillor Jeff Leiper confirming publicly that there has been zero complaints by the surrounding community.

Once again I would like to personally invite the Stittsville community along with surrounding communities to our community engagement days August 2nd and 3rd from 12pm-7pm whereby the community can have a chance to see the facility for themselves and have any potential concerns addressed. Thank you for your continued understanding and support.


Franco Vigile
President, Magna Terra


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  1. Well said sir, I believe that our city counselor Shad Qadri has no understanding and refuses to look at the facts.
    People who use marijuana need a safe place to buy a product that is its self safe.
    If we refuse to have dispensaries people may be forced to get their drugs from less savory supliers.

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