LETTER: “Mini Muffins Preschool was a big part of the community”

Mini Muffins Preschool in Katimavik

Mini Muffins Precshool has closed its doors.  Located in Katimavik, the facility served many Stittsville families.  The closure was sudden. Staff only found out on Friday (some via email) and several parents told us that they found out on the weekend and will be searching for new daycare arrangements on Monday morning.  We received this letter from a former employee of Mini Muffins.

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I am a former employee of Mini Muffins Preschool (lovingly referred to as MMP).  I am writing this to say how heartbroken I was to hear the news of the preschool’s closure.  I worked there for almost seven years and left in April of this year, only for financial reasons, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

The owner did so much to make it a great place to work (great benefits package which she paid the premiums for fully, being able to bring your child to work with you).  Everyone worked so well together and there was very little staff turnover until the full day kindergarten went into affect which offered ECE trained people some great opportunities that private daycares just can’t compete with.

The families at MMP were treated with love and respect, and the staff was always working hard to make the difficulty of separation anxiety (both child and parent) easier.

As a staff, we all worked together really well, and had fun in the process.  Every Halloween we supported various charities including CHEO and Roger’s House with a Halloween children’s party fundraiser which donated 100% of the proceeds to the charities, raising thousands every year.  Many former staff members and placement students returned for that party to volunteer which shows how much MMP affected everyone.

The preschool had an inter-generational program with the nursing home Empress Kanata where the children went for weekly visits and sang songs and chatted with the residents there.  It was a big part of the community, and it will be missed at great lengths.

I could go on and on about how great a place MMP was…..the present and past clients who really know the staff and the preschool will miss it.

Today is a sad day in Kanata, and I’ll be thinking of all the staff who now have to go and clean out the building that was a second home to everyone who entered it!

–Kelly Stainton


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