LETTER: Please no modern high-rise on Main Street!

Former Bradley's General Store, winter 2013

(Above – the heritage building near Abbott and Stittsville Main, before it was demolished.)

Re: It came in like a wrecking ball: 1518 Stittsville Main Street demolished

You are asking for opinions on what the residents would like to have built at the site of Karl Skoff’s store. (You are calling it Bradley’s store when in fact, it was purchased by Karl Skoff in the early 1970’s.)

Mr. Skoff is now deceased, but it is still owned by his wife, Stasia, and I believe that as owner she has the say in what she wants built there.

PLEASE no modern high-rise. Let us have a new building of maximum 3 storeys that ties in with the heritage buildings along the Main Street, complete with gingerbread trim, etc.

The Stittsville Villa is gorgeous and the Poole Creek Manor is lovely also, so please give us more of that and much less of the terrible eyesore condos on Abbott St., and beside the Legion. (Also the hideous red and blue container-looking house on Main St.)More brick  and less plastic siding.

We’ve always been proud of our “little village” feel and would like to keep it that way. Quitters coffee shop blends in quite nicely, but let us keep the “container condos” to a minimum. Thanks for letting us voice an opinion.

Joan and Roy Palmer


3 thoughts on “LETTER: Please no modern high-rise on Main Street!”

  1. It would be great if the new building was well integrated into our Main St, similarly to what was done in Carp for Alice’s Village Café. A brick building like that would really tie-in nicely with Stittsville’s heritage buildings.

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