LETTER: Roundabouts are great for cyclists

Re: City staff rejects roundabouts for Carp Road

Reading the article, the comment about them being worse for cyclists is ridiculous. I am a cyclist and a motorist and roundabouts are fantastic for cyclists as they allow for quick, easy fluid travel and no worries about cars accelerating to run red lights. Roundabouts take up more room but that is the only drawback as they are great at solving all other problems.

Steve Drennan


1 thought on “LETTER: Roundabouts are great for cyclists”

  1. Cyclist being able to flow along like cars, that’s great.
    What about pedestrians though? How would cross walks work?

    I like roundabouts a lot, but I do see too often though, that people aren’t yielding then they should. It seem their minds go all numb, and they coast through without even being aware that they’re not alone on the road.

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