LETTER: Stittsville needs some fenced-in dog parks

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Re: NOTEBOOK: City moves a step closer to protecting part of Shea Woods

After moving to Stittsville from Nepean I was looking forward to the many trails and green space available for walking.  It was a surprise to learn that Stittsville has no “fenced-in” dog parks available.  Yes, there is an “unauthorized” off leash dog park according to Councillor Qadri’s office but being “unauthorized” means there are still folks that prefer having dogs on leashes and will state that fact if walking a dog in these unauthorized trails and they are right in stating this.

You can never be too careful when it comes to walking off leash.  I personally do not let my dog off leash unless he is in a safe area.  I now travel to Barrhaven or Carleton Place to visit fenced in parks.  Many people with dogs in Stittsville would love a fenced in park where they can socialize and let their pets run free.  Surely there must be an area such where this can become a reality with the help of the City and the Community, possibly off Westridge where there are a few possibilities.

Linda Baumgart

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The unauthorized dog park that Councillor Qadri referred to is the Shea Woods, which is private property. Valecraft Homes is planning a fenced dog park as part of the Rathwell Landing neighbourhood in the south part of Stittsville. There are a few un-fenced off-leash dog parks in Stittsville (here’s a map).  See also our dog blog: “Time to include dog parks in community planning”.)

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